K & K Superblend

US Patent US 8,636,822 B1

About K & K Super-Blend

The K & K Super-Blend™, was developed as an exciting innovative, all natural, ECO-FRIENDLY and BIO-DEGRADABLE Fertilizer, the composition of which is totally organic and can be used year round, with no restrictions, satisfying various climates and soil needs

100% produced in Florida, USA, K & K Super-Blend™, contains natural potassium, important micronutrients, and humic acid/composted humus that increases water retention, eliminates thatch, may aid in micronutrient uptake and supports root growth. When properly applied, K & K Super-Blend™, acts as a soil conditioner, reducing the amount of irrigation time needed for your turf, thus saving water.

Our goal is to continue providing a 100% all-organic product to both the agricultural and commercial industries with a focus on preserving our environment for future generations. Please feel free to contact us with your questions and feedback. Help us support eco-friendly farming and sustainability worldwide.

Please contact Mr. Ken Boyce, Director of Global Business Development for more details.

kksuperblend@comcast.net, or via phone:  1.239.470.2742

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