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Rhonda Nielsen

Rhonda Nielsen - Fort Myers, FL

"I would like to sing the praises of K & K Super Blend 100% organic, …biodegradable fertilizer. I have always taken pride in a green, healthy lawn and hired all of the 'right' people to apply nutrients and control weeds.

This year, my lawn looked *horrible* despite (poisonous) nutrient applications from my former lawn care company. Their remedy was to reapply every 3 weeks… even though the grass would never green up- they kept doing the same application and crossing their fingers. After the last application I was told that I needed all new lawn.

I looked at someone’s lawn that was beautiful. They said that they used K & K. [He] came out and told me about his product and said that he believed he could help.

It has been nothing short of a MIRACLE what has happened to our lawn in one application of K&K Super Blend. The BEST part is that this is an earth friendly product. I encourage all that want a beautiful lawn while being environmentally conscious to switch over to K&K. Awesome, Awesome results!"

Irving Goechel

Special Lawn Treatment by Mid State Pest Control – When I moved into my home in January of 2011, I had new sod installed to replace a deteriorated lawn. Kevin at Mid State Pest Control had been my Lawn and Pest Control service provider for a number of years at my previous home and had produced wonderful results with my lawn. I hired him to service my Lawn and Pest Control at this new home.

The lawn that was installed was adequately watered every day. The lawn started to show signs of weakness over the next couple of months and the inability to establish a healthy looking lawn. The sod contractor of course, would not return and said, fertilize. Mid State, over the next few months treated my lawn with the appropriate lawn treatment applications that are available from commercial suppliers. My lawn was still not showing much improvement, nor was it up to par as to where lawn appearance should be after the variety of treatments.

Approximately one month ago a new lawn treatment developed by Mid State was applied to my lawn. The results are starting to become apparent The lawn is showing signs of a more full bodied and richer looking lawn. I believe the special lawn treatment is benefiting the overall growth and soil conditioning that promote the visual signs for lawn improvement.

Customer Photo

Rhonda Nielsen

Jim and Just Wetter

We are currently using Mid State Pest control for our lawn care and pest control. We would HIGHLY recommend Mid State for their "new" product for restoring our lawn from the brink of disaster. We have no idea of the chemical mixture but have highly recommended this product to our family and friends in the Florida area. There is an Urgent need to have this product to market ASAP.

Debra Salyer

Thank You so much for using your new product on my lawn. I cannot believe how thick and green the grass is, My neighbors are 500% jealous, I especially love the fact that it is all organic so I’m not worried about my kids and pets playing on the grass. Thanks again!

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